The joint investigation team of the prosecutor's office and the Military Affairs Administration, which has been investigating the so-called "epilepsy" military service corruption case, has announced the results of a three-month investigation. 3 people, including brokers and military service evaders, were caught and brought to trial, including officials from the Military Affairs Administration and the district office.

This is a report by reporter Sohn Ki-joon.

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The Joint Investigation Team, which has been investigating allegations of military service irregularities since the arrest of military service broker Gu Mo in December last year, revealed that it has brought to trial 137 people, including Mr. Gu Mo and two other brokers, and those exempted from military service.

Of these, only 12 were involved in using epilepsy to evade military service.

Among those exempted from military service were volleyball player Cho Jae-sung and rapper Ravi, soccer players and movie stars from the K-League, as well as many accomplices who helped them escape military service, including former lawyers from large law firms and Korean doctors.

Military service evaders, aided by brokers and associates, evaded military service by posing as epilepsy patients at the pre-physical examination stage.

In collusion with officials from the Military Affairs Agency and the Seocho District Office, they also confirmed that rapper Napla, who was a social welfare agent, falsified his attendance record.

It turned out that he had faked his attendance record as if his depression had made it difficult for him to serve, and Nafla also tried to evade military service by deceiving doctors into obtaining false medical certificates.

The investigation team brought a total of seven people to justice, including arresting and charging Napla and two officials who aided in the crime.

[Koo Sang-yop/Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's 3st Deputy Prosecutor: The investigation team has completed the collection and preservation to recover about 2.137 billion won in criminal proceeds from military service brokers, and will cooperate with the Military Affairs Agency to ensure that those who are exempt from military service can faithfully fulfill their military service obligations apart from criminal punishment....]

In the wake of this incident, the Military Affairs Agency also announced that it will introduce a more precise military service screening system.

[Kim Jong-ho/Deputy Director General of the Military Affairs Agency: We will further refine the criteria for determining physical grades such as epilepsy and strengthen inspections such as checking for continuous drug use through drug concentration tests.]

He added that he would also strengthen the tracking and surveillance of suspected military service evaders.

(Video Interview: Cho Chang-hyun, Video Editing: Hwang Ji-young)