It was reported, for alleged sexual violence, the cabin attendant of the Europa Palace ship who allegedly harassed a 30-year-old passenger from Catania. The woman told the violence on Sunday, at five in the morning, to the employees of the ship's reception. The woman said she called her ex-boyfriend after being raped by a member of the crew of the ship that was taking her from Cagliari to Palermo. A story that, however, does not convince the investigators who so far have not found any response to the words of the alleged victim. The woman, after the complaint, was visited by the doctors of the Policlinico hospital, and would not present any sign of violence and there would be no traces of her phone calls to friends or ex-boyfriends.

The investigations, coordinated by the Palermo prosecutor's office and conducted by the police, do not stop, from the investigations it would have emerged in the meantime that the young woman was under the influence of drugs.

From the reconstruction of the investigators, the story begins yesterday morning at dawn. Around five o'clock the alleged victim leaves the cabin and goes to the reception of the ship to report what would have happened to her. As soon as the boat arrives in port it is disembarked and is heard by the police to whom it makes an identikit summary of the author of the harassment, in a second version that has become sexual violence: it is a seaman who works for the Europa Palace of Grimaldi. The young woman is then taken by the 118 health workers to the Policlinico hospital to be examined. Meanwhile, the cabin attendant is identified and interviewed by the agents.

Totally different is the story of the seaman who firmly denies having abused the thirty-year-old while admitting to having entered her cabin. "I just handed over towels," he told police.

The ship, stopped all day for investigations, yesterday left for Cagliari at 17. Even today the investigations of the agents of the mobile squad continued to try to reconstruct what happened on the ferry. The shipping company Grimaldi Lines declares about the story that "There is a judicial process that is continuing and that we are following very carefully. We are waiting to know the decisions of the prosecutor's office to act against the seafarer who has been working with us for many years. At the moment we await the developments given the sensitivity of the investigation".