A teenager is being robbed. The thief is the shock of a lifetime

A teenage boy was traumatized by his age when he was robbed in front of an ATM near his home, not because of the incident but because he soon discovered that his thief was none other than his father.

The BBC reported that a 45-year-old man disguised as a half-face blight tried to rob a boy near an ATM in Cranhill, Glasgow, and the victim had used an ATM near his home to withdraw £10.

The Glasgow Sheriff's Court heard that the teenager spotted the masked defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, lurking near an ATM. Prosecutor Carrie Stevens said: "When he put his card in his pocket and took the money from the machine, he turned left and felt something on the left side of his face."

And here he was pushed against the wall by pressing his neck. The boy then felt a large kitchen knife pressed to his face. The court record added that the robber told the boy: "Give it to me. Give me now."

But the boy immediately recognized his father by his voice and eyes, and replied, "What are you doing? You serious? Do you know who that is?"

But the attacker replied that he did not care, until the teenager was able to reveal the face of his father, who answered him before fleeing the scene that he was "desperate".

The boy, who told the rest of his family, alerted the police, who later arrested the robber at his home, although he initially denied being the culprit.
But he later said: "I didn't know it was him (his son) in an ATM. I just did. And I'll pay for it."

The father confessed to attempting to rob the victim and possessing a knife in a public place, and the man was sentenced to 26 months in prison, according to the BBC.