The windows of a high-rise apartment in Songdo International City, Incheon, shattered with a roar, and an iron ball believed to have been used in the crime was found in an apartment complex.

The Incheon Yeonsu Police Department announced today (8th) that it found an 13mm diameter iron ball in an apartment complex in Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, where reports of broken windows were received.

Police were searching the area yesterday afternoon after receiving reports of damage and found an iron ball on the sidewalk on the first floor of an apartment complex.

Subsequently, forensic work was carried out to determine whether the iron ball was used in the crime and a detailed evaluation was commissioned by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

Police believe someone may have fired an iron ball using equipment such as a slingshot.

Police have also conducted investigations against neighbours but have not yet identified a suspect.

Since the victim was a high-rise apartment, it was reported that the crime scene could not be confirmed on the surrounding closed-circuit (CC) TV.

A police official said, "We believe it is a crime that may harm the safety of residents and are investigating it to the best of our ability," adding, "We cannot disclose the specific progress of the investigation."

On the 1th floor of the apartment complex, 29 received a report from a resident that the window was broken with a roar around 10 pm on the 4th.

The window was made of two sheets of glass 112 mm thick, with a hole about 3 cm in diameter in the upper part of the outer glass, which was cracked around it.

Based on the broken windows, the police believed that a round object may have flown in from the outside.

(Photo = Yonhap News)