A 50-year-old man arrested on suspicion of carrying an elementary school student who went missing after leaving home in Chuncheon,
Gangwon Province, has been confirmed to have committed a similar crime three months ago. However, the police did not arrest the 50s at that time and handed them over to the prosecutor's office.

For more information, G1 Broadcasting reporter Mo Jae-sung will tell you.

Mr. A, in his 50s, who was arrested and handed over to the prosecutor's office for taking a missing elementary school student after leaving home in
Chuncheon, committed

a similar crime just three months ago.

According to police reports, in November last year, Miss B, a junior high school student living in Hoengseong, approached her through SNS and lured her to a warehouse building in Chungju, where she resides.

After receiving a report from her family, the police launched an investigation and found Miss B at Miss A's residence and arrested Miss A at the scene on suspicion of violating the Missing Children Act.

It is similar to the Chuncheon elementary school student luring incident that occurred in February.

However, at that time, the police found it difficult to detain Mr. A and handed him over to the prosecutor's office without restraint.

At that time, unlike the Chuncheon Primary School case, the police did not have any additional statements of crime by the victim, so they only applied violations of the Missing Children Act.

On the other hand, in the case of Miss A, an elementary school student, who lured Miss C to a similar method and held her for five days last month, the police detained her not only under the Missing Children Act, but also on charges such as luring and detaining minors.

As a result, Mr. A committed a similar crime while the prosecution was investigating a past incident.

The Chuncheonji Prosecutor, who is investigating the case of the elementary school student, also received a report from the Wonju District Office about the Hoengseong case and will continue to investigate Mr. A.

(Video Interview: Ha Jung-woo G3 Broadcasting, Won Jong-chan G11 Broadcasting, CG: Lee Min-seok G2 Broadcasting)