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It is known that the protagonist of the story who visited a restaurant that provided free food to absent children and made a splash by saying, "I paid 5,5 won for a bowl of salty noodles," actually only paid for the food.

On the 27th of last month, an online community posted a post titled "55,000 won for a bowl of salty noodles."

In the post, author A shared a photo of a restaurant offering free food to children with a Dream Tree card and a photo of 5,5 won in cash along with a bowl of salty noodles, saying, "A photo of someone I know came to pay for a bowl of salty noodles."

In the post, Mr. A said, "The owner of a local Chinese restaurant does a very grateful job," and "I am grateful and ashamed of myself just for the existence of such people."

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However, as Mr. A said in the article, it was found that he did not pay an additional 5,10 won to help the good shop.

According to Yonhap News TV on the 5th, the owner of the restaurant, Mr. B, said that a customer who claimed to have "paid 5,5 won" "inadvertently walked past me by saying, 'What are you doing?' while eating by himself, spreading out the money, and taking pictures."

He added, "I think he probably meant a good idea to take the picture and tell an acquaintance in good faith, but in fact he was only paid for the food."

However, Mr. B emphasized that the post had a positive impact.

After the "000,5 won squeeze" post went viral online, he said, "A customer in Seoul ordered food and said, 'Don't cook, just pay for the food,' and a young male and female customer gave me 5,1 won to help with it."

On why he provides free food to absent children, Mr. B said, "I had a difficult childhood. I thought about what I could do for the little children who live around me, so I decided to do that (good shop)," he said, adding, "If children get to know this restaurant, I hope they can come and eat comfortably and grow up healthy."

(Photo = Bobae Dream, Yonhap News TV)