It has been ruled that the state must compensate the victim for the incident in which the second assault occurred after officers who responded to the scene of the assault fled the scene at the request of the assailants to "step aside".

According to the legal profession, on the 2th, the Civil Division 12 of the Seoul Central District Law (Chief Judge Kim Young-so) ruled in favor of part of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by victim A of the assault case against three people, including the perpetrator B, and the state.

The court said, "Mr. B and three others should pay Mr. A more than 71 million won, of which 3.3 million won should be borne by the state."

On May 2, 300, at around 984 a.m., Mr. A was assaulted by Mr. B's party near his home in Incheon, causing injuries of up to seven weeks, including fractures.

I was only in hospital for over a month.

The five officers who responded to the scene after receiving a report at the time of the assault all fled the scene after Mr. B asked him to "leave for a while so that I can talk to Mr. A", and the assault continued.

Mr. B and his party were brought to trial for assault and special assault, and Mr. A was paid a total of more than 2019 million won in the name of settlement and medical expenses, and was fined or suspended imprisonment.

After the criminal proceedings, Mr. A filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. B and others, claiming that the police officers did not fulfill their duties and left their positions, causing more damage to the assault.

The court found that "while the officers were leaving the scene, the defendants used secondary violence against the plaintiff" and that "the officers' departure from the scene was a grossly unreasonable action and unlawful."

He added: "It appears that the officers admitted that it was a professional mistake in not properly monitoring Mr. A's condition at the time of his departure and not asking for his opinion."

However, the court ordered the State to pay only part of the compensation, saying, "The imposition of equal liability on the police officers with Mr. B, etc., who violated their duties by negligence but knowingly participated in the crime, is contrary to the principle of the compensation system of fair and fair distribution."

(Photo = Courtesy of Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)