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American comedian Jimmy Kimmel has spoken out about the Will Smith assault that upended last year's Academy Awards.

Jimmy Kimmel opened the ceremony at 13 a.m. (KST) on the 9th at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, United States, as the host of the 95th Academy Awards.

In addition to mentioning the films that made it shine in 2022 and honoring the actors' hard work, he also mentioned the issue of last year's awards ceremony. Kimmel rhymed, "You all have to be safe, and I have to be safe."

"If people in this theater are violent during the show, I'll give them a 90-minute chance to speak," he said, referring to Will Smith's assault at the Academy last year.

"If something unforeseen happens or violence occurs, please don't do anything like you did last year and sit still," Kimmel quipped, "and even if you hear my joke and get angry and want to come to me, it won't be easy because there are people who stop you."

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"(The one who wants to assault) will have to deal with Quantum Kyung, the Mandalorian, Spider-Man, and Pamelmans," he said, drawing laughter when he said, "and I will also have to deal with Guillermo, who is my right hand." The people Kimmel referred to were famous action actors or actors who had played heroes in Marvel or Disney movies. When their faces were captured by the camera, they responded to Kimmel's words by making action moves.

Will Smith, who attended last year's Academy Awards nominated for Best Actor, committed the worst event in the '94 awards tradition that will be remembered as black history.

Chris Rock, who took the stage for Best Feature Documentary, rushed onto stage in anger when he joked about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head. Smith slapped Rock in the face during the live broadcast, and Rock fell to the floor. Later, after returning to his seat, he shouted, "Don't put my wife's name up."

Later, Will Smith won his first Best Actor award for the film "King Richards." Smith apologized while speaking about the award, saying, "I want to apologize to all my colleagues and nominees here today." The day after the award ceremony, he also apologized repeatedly to Chris Rock on social media, saying, "There can be no violence in a world of love and kindness." But it was already spilled water.

The American Academy, which administers the Oscars, has banned Hollywood actor Will Smith from attending the ceremony for 10 years after he stormed onto stage during the ceremony and slapped the award winner. Every year at the Academy, the previous year's acting award winner is honored the following year, but Will Smith was removed from the Academy and was unable to attend this year's ceremony.

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