Last night (12th), the fire that grew quickly with strong winds kept residents from sleeping all night. Let's listen to the tense situation through the SBS report video and voice.

Joo Sun was arranged by a reporter.

Residents of an apartment just 100 meters from the Hankook Tire factory in Moksang-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, where the
fire broke out, packed up and evacuated, [Lim Hyun-mok/Nearby residents: People in the complex just a few meters in front of them have already been evacuated,

because of the toxic gas....]

Overnight confrontation with embers that flew into the apartment complex.

[Lim Hyun-mok/Nearby residents: Ashes flew into the apartment complex, and residents went out with fire extinguishers and put out all the fires on the grass.]

Even in the vehicles traveling on the highway right next to the factory, I couldn't feel safe.

[(Oh my gosh, what's that?] What's that? (Can we go, we?) I don't know.]

[Quartz Young-bin/Nearby resident: Now that I was going, there was a very big fire, so as I passed by there, all the cars flashed their hazard lights, and I could pass in front of them, but it was just like this...]

The flames were so strong that I could feel the heat from the driver's seat.

[Soh Tae-kyung/Nearby residents: Even though we were driving at 70 or 80 kilometers per hour, the heat and smell were just coming into the car.]

In the distance, the fire threatened to see, and cell phones kept ringing with disaster texts arriving one after another.

[Residents: I got a text telling me to be careful because there's smoke or something like that.]

Daejeon Daedeokgu asked residents to refrain from going out and to close their windows for fear of toxic gas damage.