Zero Emissions (2)

Faisal Muhammad Alshammari

13 March 2023

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Mother of the Nation, has adopted March 15 of each year as Emirati Children's Day, and this year's celebration comes under the slogan "The right of the child to a safe and sustainable environment", in line with the declaration of the Year of Sustainability, and shows a basic right of the child, which is the right to protection and to live in a safe environment.

Perhaps this consensus encourages us to be guided by the United Nations framework "Sport for Climate", to develop a complex global framework that focuses on strengthening standards and initiatives for protecting children from the risks of climate change and environmental risks that are increasing due to the rise in pollutants, hazardous substances and environmental crimes in general, as Interpol, the international police organization, can be one of the pillars of developing this international framework for their remarkable efforts in combating environmental crimes, and an imprint that reflects the Emirati consensus under the first Arab leadership. An Emirati Islamic organization for this international organization represented by the person of Major General Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi, with whom I had the honor to work for many years as a technical and security consultant in addition to administrative work as director of his office, and whose responsibilities varied at the time due to his supervision and leadership at the time of many security and technical projects and initiatives at the local, federal and regional levels (such as the establishment of the Office of Victims Affairs, the establishment of the National Search and Rescue Team and its accreditation by the United Nations), in addition to technical projects that contributed to reducing the carbon footprint and reducing the need for Moving to service centers, in addition to raising awareness of climate change, as the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, the first police and perhaps local entity in 2008 to participate in Earth Hour, not to mention the adoption of green technologies in all police, security and technical projects.

These Emirati experiences and successes push us to trust in our abilities to achieve this ambitious harmonization and global institutional integration, and perhaps hosting COP28 will push us to look forward to the participation and support of the new ministerial leaders of the Ministry of Community Development, represented by Shamma Al Mazrouei, and the Ministry of Education, represented by Dr. Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, for such initiatives, which will leave a global imprint, which can be linked to child protection globally, and may be called the "UAE Declaration for the Protection of Children from the Dangers of Climate Change".

The UAE leadership is keen to achieve everything that contributes to the protection of humanity, and what the people and the world have witnessed in consolidating the leadership's keenness with the words "Do not cripple them", prompts us to raise expectations with institutional initiatives that reflect the UAE's distinguished humanitarian contributions globally.

Perhaps we will become the first headquarters for other distinguished models, the first zero-emission school, with world-class awareness programs aimed at all segments of society, especially children. This trend may grow to form composite models of everything related to children and young people.

Management Consultant, Digital Transformation and Certified Organizational Excellence Professional

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