Carole André, the French transplanted actress who became famous in Italy at the time of Sandokan, in 1976, turns 70. He entered the world of cinema as a teenager, with Face to Face, always with Sollima. Small roles with Ferreri (Dillinger is dead), Fellini (Fellini Satyricon), and Visconti
(Death in Venice) until the explosion alongside Kabir Bedi who then finds himself in Il Corsaro nero.

Today the "Pearl of Labuan" celebrates with a world record. A record that has nothing to do with cinema. The former actress, an architect for years, is serious: at the regional swimming that were held in early March in Ostia she won the 50 breaststroke in the category of her age, the Master 70, setting the new world record with a time of 42''51. Not only that: she also took away the satisfaction of conquering the Italian record in the 50 Freestyle in 33''52.

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Carole André

If it were a movie, it would be Hitchcock's The Woman Who Lived Twice. Because the Carole André who also worked with Risi and Comencini and who in the seventies, when she was just over twenty years old, despite the lack of enthusiasm of the actress for the Asian trip, Sergio Sollima dragged to India and Malaysia next to Kabir Bedi for that television cult, no longer exists.


Carole André

Starting from the name: Carole André (mother's surname, actress too, which she lost just before Sandokan) became Carole Smith (her real surname, that of her father). But at the Due Ponti Sporting club in Rome, where she has been training for a few years and always presents herself with a wide and comfortable look, she prefers to be called simply Smith, or affectionately "Smittina".

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Carole André and Kabir Bedi show the Telegatto received for the Sandokan series

References to Kabir Bedi, Sandokan and the tigers of Mompracem are not welcome, those who train with her know it - for Smittina there is only swimming. Francesco Di Pippo, the personal trainer who follows her, tells Agiche, comparing her times now with the records of the seventies, if Carole had started training as a young woman "she would have gone to the Olympics".

The former actress makes up for lost time by training four times a week in the pool, twice in the gym, while Saturday is dedicated to water aerobics and yoga. "She's talented of her own and undergoes training in her twenties."

His latest roles include Lelouch's A Life Is Not Enough and A Family Doctor.


Carole André in A Family Doctor