The line of the two testimonies on the flag of the Kingdom. The departure of Saleh Al-Mansouf on the «Flag Day» in Saudi Arabia

March 11 of each year will be a special day for science in Saudi Arabia.

Today, Saturday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates for the first time Flag Day according to a royal order that March 11 of each year be a special day for science in the name of "Flag Day", which is the day on which the founding King Abdulaziz approved the flag in its current form in 1937.

Hours before the Kingdom's celebration of "Flag Day", it was announced this morning the death of Saudi flag calligrapher Saleh bin Saad Al-Mansouf (86 years old), who updated the method of writing the two testimonies and the sword on the flag more than 50 years ago.

Al-Mansouf said in a video interview before his departure: «My writing of the two testimonies was since the era of King Faisal in 1962, and I was the first to write that, praise be to God».