The weather improves over the weekend but there is a risk of a so-called 'tail blow' of winter that now, on paper, is coming to an end. "The high pressure expanding from the west - explains the Italian Weather Center - brings an improvement over Italy but in the coming days, watch out for a possible cold sinking. In fact, some models show the arrival of colder air around the middle of the week with bad weather but also a drop in temperatures, therefore also the possibility of snow at medium-low altitudes".

The storm has brought, in the last 24 hours, gusts over 100 km / h and extensive storm surges on the western coasts. It is not over yet and continues to rage in the North-West and on the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea: in the South the Mistral wind is the protagonist, in the North the Foehn wind that descends to the Po Valley, warming it abnormally. Prudence therefore in the coming hours, then gradually the clear will return everywhere and Saturday will be pleasant, before the return of the cold.