Schlager star Peggy March can imagine a new love for a man at the age of 75. "Maybe. When it's the right time. That can be," said the singer to the Berlin station Schlager Radio on demand.

At least she knows what a future person should not be like: "Well, not like my husband. He would have to be someone completely different. Andy was a doer, a strong guy," the widowed artist recalled. A new man must be "softer".

What is important to March: "A sense of humor is insanely necessary. I can't live without that. He doesn't necessarily have to have beautiful eyes or be very big."

But she needs her freedom: "I hate it when a man always asks me: Where are you going? My career is very, very important to me. He has to understand that. I'm sticking to my career."

March was born in Pennsylvania in 1948 and was successful at an early age: She landed her first hit as a 15-year-old with the song "I Will Follow Him". In the sixties she came to Germany and celebrated great success as a pop star, among others with "Mit 17 hat man noch Träume" and "In der Carnaby Street". After a few years in Munich, she has been living in Florida since 1999.