[Man in his 40s arrested for setting fire to parents' house]

Inside a wooden house, a raging fire is burning.

A man in his 40s set fire to his parents' house after an argument with them.

[Jeonnam Jangheung Police Station Urgently Arrests Man in His 40s on Suspicion of Arson]

The Jeonnam Jangheung Police Department is investigating the urgent arrest of Mr. A, a man in his 11s, today (40th) on suspicion of arson of Hyunju buildings.

A is accused of setting fire to his parents
' home in Jangheung-eup, Jangheung County, South Jeolla Province at about half past 10 last night and fleeing.

During the
police investigation, Miss A's family explained that "her son asked for money several times" and that "when she said she could no longer provide money, she set it on fire."

that time, Mr. A's parents, sister, and two young nephews were in the house, but it was confirmed that there were no major casualties as they were evacuated immediately after discovering the fire.

The fire was extinguished in four and a half hours after causing property damage worth an estimated 2 million won, including homes and household belongings.

[Police plan to apply for arrest warrant after investigating the crime]

The police plan
to apply for an arrest warrant after investigating the exact circumstances of the crime against Mr. A.
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