Death of a woman who carried a fossilized fetus 9 years

A 50-year-old African woman died in New York in a rare case due to a fossilized fetus in her abdomen for 9 years.

The woman visited doctors in New York complaining of stomach cramps, indigestion and a gurgling sound after eating.

The tests revealed the presence of a fossilized fetus in her abdomen, which pressed on her intestines for a long time and prevented her from absorbing food well, which led to her death as a result of severe nutritional deficiencies.

The rare phenomenon, which has been recorded only about 300 times, occurs when a fetus that grows outside the uterus dies during pregnancy and is not excreted from the body.

The woman died 14 months after arriving in the United States, and doctors said she died as a result of severe malnutrition.

The patient refused medical intervention for fear of surgery, and died of severe malnutrition after repeated bowel obstruction.

The woman moved from Congo to Burundi and then Tanzania due to conflicts, settled in Tanzania and gave birth to 8 children who were born naturally, before the last pregnancy.