14:30 11 March

The procession opened by the cross made with the woods of the wreck

It is the cross made with the remains of the wrecked boat to open the procession of the event "Stop the massacre immediately" departing at 14.30 pm in Steccato di Cutro where the tragedy occurred that caused 74 confirmed victims and about thirty missing. The cross will be carried in turn by the demonstrators along the entire route.

14:07 11 March

Thirty buses in Cutro for the national event of the "Rete 26 febbraio"

About thirty buses have arrived so far in Steccato di Cutro from different regions of the center-south to participate in the national event "Stop the massacre immediately" organized by the "Rete 26 febbraio 2023" established after the shipwreck. The demonstrators, reads the statement of convocation, demand "truth and justice on the massacre of Cutro and on all the massacres of migrants", they oppose the "catwalks of the government and those who have built their consensus by criminalizing migrants and rescues at sea, using inhuman words and blaming the victims", they want to "stop the criminalization of NGOs and rescues at sea", They call for "legal and safe channels of entry" and "an end to all discriminatory policies towards migrants".

13:30 11 March

Recovered the body of the 74th victim, is a girl of 5-6 years

Firefighters have located and recovered the body of another victim of the February 26 shipwreck in Cutro, the 74th. She was a girl of 5-6 years: with her rises to 21 the sad count of deaths between 0 and 12 years. The stay in the water for almost 15 days made the corpse virtually unrecognizable