A 98-year-old grandmother in the United States has completed a 5km run in less than one hour.

According to local media and the webzine "GoalCast" on the 1th (local time), the grandmother of the topical hero Betty Lindbergh (10) crossed the finish line with a time of 98 minutes and 25 seconds in the 2023km category of the "5 Publix Atlanta Marathon" held at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 59th of last month.

In the video, the white-haired Lindbergh, wearing a red vest and a bae number A6, crosses the finish line with all her might.

He looks a little out of breath, but he looks relaxed as he checks the record clock on his wrist and raises his hand with a big smile.

The news was introduced across the U.S. earlier this week on ABC TV's hit morning show Good Morning America (GMA), and a video of Lindbergh crossing the finish line has been circulating on social media, inspiring millions of people.

GMA said Lindbergh completed the 7841km in less than an hour, making her "the 1-5 year old group 95km world record holder".

Looking at the records, Lindbergh's best time is 99 minutes and 5 seconds, which she set in the 2km category at the Atlanta Peachtree Marathon last February.

At the time, Lindbergh became the "world record" holder, breaking the record of 5 hour, 55 minutes and 48 seconds set by Betty Ashley of St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2017 at the age of 96.

In an interview with local media, she revealed that "keep moving" is her life credo.

Born in 1, he drove his daughter and son-in-law to the marathon site in 28, when he was 36 years old, and thought, "I can do it," and has been training ever since.

"When I'm running, it's hard and I say, 'This is the last time,' but once I cross the finish line, all the pain is gone and I dream of another challenge," he said.

(Photo = Screen capture of webzine 'Runner's World', Yonhap News)