For Arnold Schwarzenegger, ensuring that history does not repeat itself is a daily struggle. The former governor of California visited Auschwitz last September after receiving a Fighting Hatred Award from the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation. The Holocaust was made possible in particular by the rhetoric and speeches of the Nazis, formulations that are not far from what we can hear today and that contribute to the rise of anti-Semitism. The actor now wants to "talk to people who may have already stumbled in the wrong direction, the wrong path".

"I want to engage with you if you've heard of conspiracy theories involving Jews, or people of any race, gender or thought and they make sense to you. I want to talk to you if you have come to think that anyone is inferior or should be excluded because of their religion, skin colour or gender. I don't know which road took you there, but I've seen enough people squandering their future for hateful beliefs, so I want to talk to you because you will only find regrets at the end of this path," he said in a video posted on YouTube.

The wisdom of the Terminator

And among those people who have "wasted their future on hateful beliefs," there is one Arnold Schwarzenegger knows very well: his father, who had supported the Nazi Party in Austria. A man he describes as "broken" by the outcome of the war. "They were deceived and lost in a path that ended in misery," he continued.

"Throughout history, hatred has always been the easy way, the one requiring the least resistance. I understand that. It is easy to find a scapegoat for a problem rather than trying to make things better on our own. But let me be clear, you will not find success at the end of this path," Schwarzenegger concluded.

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