Born in Somalia, Leyla Hussein fights against sexual mutilation and more particularly excision, which she herself suffered at the age of 7. Excision is the total or partial removal of the female genitalia. Often defended as a religious practice, no sacred text mentions excision. It is found in all religions and throughout the world, since the time of the pharaohs. "They practice patriarchy, which is a universal religion," Hussein said. It is sexual assault, on children. There are more than 200 million victims of the practice worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, a problem that stems from the taboo around female sexuality, and the "oppression imposed by men and religions on female bodies," according to Leyla Hussein.

#FemalePleasure is the story of five women from five different cultures, who fight for the right to self-determination of female sexuality and who reveal universal situations of oppression of women.

Director Barbara Miller wants to "show the universal, millennial structural demonization of the female body and its sexuality," and hopes that "these five women can inspire girls and women around the world to explore their own bodies, to have the courage to talk with their partners about their wishes, and to stand up against religious dogmas. cultural and social culture that still tell them they don't matter. »

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This March, Spicee puts women in the spotlight with a selection of films directed by women, on feminist themes.

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