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Among them, there is the Kärcher SE 3-18, a vacuum cleaner capable of scrubbing your carpets or car seats in depth. We take care of giving you the useful information before you place an order.

Cdiscount and the 72h of suction: an ideal time to change vacuum cleaner

At the moment, it is the 72 hours of aspiration at Cdiscount. The brand presents a multitude of discounts on broom vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners. But, during this short campaign, you will also find the Kärcher vacuum cleaner at €199.99 instead of €219.99.

If the discount of 20 € remains modest, it gives you the opportunity to discover this household solution for less than 200 €. In addition, it comes with additional benefits, such as delivery offered by Cdiscount and the recovery of an old vacuum cleaner.

To take care of your new purchase, you can also discover Breakdown + Take-Back guarantees from €22.99. And if you want to make the Kärcher vacuum cleaner even more affordable, consider paying in 4 installments.

Discover the Kärcher vacuum cleaner at Cdiscount

Kärcher SE 3-18, a silent and cordless vacuum cleaner, but still effective

The SE 3-18 is not lacking in advantages, but the first of them remains its discretion. With a noise level of no more than 70 dB, it is much quieter than other devices in its class. This will help you not to disturb your neighborhood during your cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner from Kärcher (a brand known for the efficiency of its devices) remains highly efficient, however, thanks to its injection-extraction technology. The injection of a detergent and then the extraction of dirt offer an impeccable result, even deep in the fabrics. With a 1.2 liter collector, you will be able to clean a large amount of textiles without stopping.

The brand makes the SE 3-18 easy to use thanks to a self-cleaning function and a removable tank. As a wireless model (with battery and charger included), it is aimed at people who need to use it anywhere, including outdoors. It will show you your remaining autonomy, ensuring you never run out of energy.

Take advantage of the cdiscount offer

In addition to this model, Kärcher's other devices are also discounted at Cdiscount. Do not be satisfied with the 72 hours of the operation: pressure washers, for example, also await you with significant discounts.

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