In addition to Lee Jae-myung, who was found dead yesterday (9th), it is known that the suicide note of the former chief of staff of the MDP representative when he was governor of Gyeonggi contained a message to Lee to "put down politics now."

It is also said that "there should be no more sacrifices."

It is analyzed that this currently means damage caused by various alleged incidents related to CEO Lee and others.

According to investigative authorities today, Mr. Jeon, who died today, retired at the end of December last year after taking over as acting president due to the resignation of former GH president Lee Heon-wook.

Before and after his retirement, Mr. Jeon was investigated by the prosecutor's office in connection with the "alleged illegal donations to Seongnam FC."

Lee was the owner of Seongnam FC from October 2014 to September 2016 and is accused of providing four companies, including Doosan E&C, Naver, CHA Hospital, and Blue Wirye, with conveniences such as building permits and land use changes in exchange for 13.35 billion won.

The prosecutor's office summoned Mr. Jeon on December 26 last year to investigate the "Seongnam FC allegations" case and conducted a video recording investigation.

Prosecutors have since said there was no separate investigation or demand to appear.

Mr. Jeon's family reportedly stated, "(Mr. Jeon) was investigated by the prosecutor's office once before retiring due to the 'Seongnam FC allegations' case, and there was no investigation ahead."

He also reportedly said, "(Jeon) was stressed out as his name went up and down in the media."

Jeon was mentioned by name at the trial of former Gyeonggi Province Deputy Governor Lee Hwa-yong on January 31 in Suwonji Law on charges of violating the Bribery and Political Finance Act under the Aggravated Punishment of Certain Crimes Act.

Former Chief of Staff Sang Bong-sang, who appeared as a witness at the time, testified, "In May 2019, the Governor of Gyeonggi Province's Chief of Staff sent condolences to Chairman Kim Sung-tae's mother."

This was reported in the media under the headline "Lee Jae-myung's Entourage Sends Condolences to Kim Sung-tae's Mother," and it is said that Jeon, who was later named as a party to the condolences, was under considerable stress.

It has been confirmed that there was no prosecutorial investigation into the former lieutenant governor.

In addition, it is known that there were no special peculiarities that Mr. Jeon showed before his death.

At the scene, a six-page suicide note written by Mr. Jeon was found.

In the first chapter of his suicide note, Mr. Jeon expressed his feelings for Lee, and in the other five chapters, he expressed his resentment for the prosecutor's investigation and his regret for his family.

In his suicide note, Mr. Jeon reportedly said, "(Chairman Lee) should put down politics now" and "There should be no more sacrifices."

In addition, he reportedly complained, "I only worked hard, but I am unhappy that I am the subject of a prosecutor's investigation," "I was the director of the Administrative Planning Bureau (at the time of the incident), so I had no authority, but I was accused," and "My family was destroyed."

The bereaved family strongly refuses to release the suicide note, so no further details have been given.

Representative Lee attended the Supreme Committee meeting at the Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly in Suwon today and said, "I have come across an unbelievable obituary. The most integrity, the most integrity, the most dedicated and the most capable public servant I have ever met has taken his own life."

"(Mr. Jeon) was very troubled by the pressure investigation by the prosecutor's office," he said, adding, "Why would the people who are the target of the special prosecutor's investigation keep making extreme choices? They can't get out of making evidence by fabricating facts that don't exist, and they are making extreme choices because they are unjustified."

Police have not found any suspicion of murder against Mr. Jeon, but they are reviewing an autopsy of his body to determine the exact circumstances of his death.

However, this requires the consent of the bereaved family.

A police official said, "The bereaved family has stated that they do not want the contents of the suicide note to be made public, so we cannot say anything about the suicide note," adding, "No decision has yet been made as to whether an autopsy will be performed on the body."

Meanwhile, at around 6:45 p.m. yesterday, his wife found Mr. Jeon dead at his home in Seongnam City.

Initially, Mr. Jeon's wife called 119 because "the front door is locked and won't open", and paramedics forcibly opened the door and found him dead and handed him over to the police.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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