Japanese animation has been booming in theaters lately. Three of the top five films at the box office are Japanese anime, and Japanese sensitivities Dokdo, which have a strong fan base in Korea, came to Korea in time for the release of new releases.

Kim Kwang-hyun is a reporter.

< reporter> Director Mako Shinkai, who mobilized 5

million viewers three times in Japan, including "Your Name Is" and "Child of the Weather," visited Korea with the actor who voiced the protagonist.

On stage, I even acted out a scene from an anime.

[Mr. Sota!]

[Aren't you afraid of dying?]

[I'm not afraid.]

Director Shinkai has many fans in Korea, and 3's "Your Name Is" drew 3.1 million viewers, ranking second among Japanese anime released in Korea.

"Suzume's Door Crackdown," which became the No. 2017 box office hit upon its domestic release, is set in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 380.

He drew on the adventures of a girl who accidentally opens a door to disaster, and revealed that connecting with the rest of the world through the door took a cue from a Korean drama.

[Makoto Shinkai/Director of 'Suzume's Paragraph Crackdown': The scene where you open the door (in the drama Dokkaebi) and suddenly go to another place is a big hint, and I often feel that Korean content is really strong.]

The Japanese director commented on the popularity that three of the top five domestic theater box office titles are Japanese anime.

[Makoto Shinkai/Director of 'Suzume's Paragraph Crackdown': Politically, Korea and Japan are repeating themselves like waves, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but culturally, I hope they are very strongly connected and move forward.]

(Video Interview: Kang Dong-chul, Video Editing: Shin Se-eun)