A man in his 60s who went to the home of a stalking victim made an extreme choice at the scene where police were called.

According to the Daegu Seongseong Police Station on the 9th, at around 0:52 a.m. that day, Mr. A swung a weapon at an apartment in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, and died of excessive blood loss.

Mr. A reportedly went to the apartment to meet Mr. B, who was usually stalking him that day.

Mr B was staying elsewhere at the time, checked the CCTV on the porch and called the police.

When the police responded to the report and spotted the man going upstairs on the stairs and called out, "Wait for the teacher," Mr. A was found to have made an extreme choice with a weapon prepared in advance.

Earlier, Mr. A had been banned for stalking Victim B, and Mr. B had been given a smartwatch when he requested personal protection.

A police official said, "Since Mr. A is dead, we plan to close the case as no right of appeal."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)