While the government has announced plans to revamp the working hours system to enable a "69-hour workweek," a notice issued by a small and medium-sized company has come under scrutiny.

<Oh! The third search term > clicked on is "69-hour rehearsal."

Recently, an online community posted a post titled "69 Hours of Rehearsal."

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Author A, who works at a manufacturing plant in North Gyeongsangbuk, claimed that as soon as the news about the introduction of the 69-hour week came out, the site manager and the boss announced the 69-hour week and additional overtime rehearsals.

"If you work a lot of suddenly, you get sick," he said, adding that he said, "There are no exceptions."

He then moved his commute time from 8 to 7 o'clock and said that he was considering walking on his smartphone, saying, "I suddenly got tired and I can't concentrate on my work, I can only look at my smartphone," and angrily asked if it was some kind of army and not a rehearsal.

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Mr. A lamented his predicament, saying, "Even if I know it's a minimum-wage salary production job and it's wrong, I graduated from a liberal arts high school and worked without a certificate for 10 years, so I can't run anywhere."

Some of the users suspected manipulation, saying, "Needless to say, it is a report from the Ministry of Labor" and "Our company is also looking at it," and some of them said, "It's illegal because the law has not been changed, but it looks like a novel."

(Image source: Online Community)