March 9, 2023

Selena Gomez sends a message of encouragement

While she recently made it known that she was in small moral shape, to the point of wanting to take a break from social networks, Selena Gomez has chosen to take over. For International Women's Day, the actress and singer addressed a message to the little girl that she was to give her courage, and, of course, to all those who doubt themselves one day.

"Dear young self, please don't be afraid to ask for help," she wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo of herself as a child.

The Only Murders in the Building star then reminded his followers to be "nice to each other." And in order not to forget to believe in yourself, she offers to stick a memo on her mirror to remind herself that we are worth it.

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Mike Epps had a loaded gun in his luggage

Comedian Mike Epps didn't have much fun with security at the Indianapolis airport. If his role in My Name Is Dolomite was fun, the actor had to apologize for trying to travel with a loaded gun!

How does he explain the presence of this object in his backpack? "If you want to know why I'm carrying a gun, it's because I have money on me all the time. I have jewelry and these guys out there are stealing from people," he said in a video on Instagram, after explaining that he was back in his hometown and had "literally forgotten" he had a gun in his bag.

"I just want to be clear: I don't lug around looking for trouble. I have a gun to protect myself. Sometimes I'm not with my security staff," he added, adding, however, that he was "always in a positive vibe".

To ensure that they maintained this positive mindset, airport police, who have not yet brought charges against Mike Epps, confiscated his pistol and the four bullets it contained. Just in case.

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