A man in his 50s who lives in a multi-family home brandished
a weapon at four neighbors. After not paying maintenance fees for more than five years, neighbors made a group protest visit, and suddenly they brandished a weapon.

CJB reporter Park Eon reports.

It is a multi-family house in

While the villagers were gathering to talk, a man suddenly pulled a weapon out of his pocket and brandished it.

After not paying the management fee of about 5,5 won a month for more than 5 years, the villagers made a group protest visit, and the man brandished a weapon prepared in advance.

The man committed the crime in the parking lot on the first floor and fled on his bicycle.

In the process, four villagers were stabbed and injured.

[Victim's husband: My mind has returned, but I can't speak because I'm still on a breather...]

The perpetrator took over as the first tenant representative seven years ago.

He exempted me from paying management fees while I was president, but since I failed to run for office, I have not paid management fees and have held a grudge against my neighbors.

[Neighbours: What they had to pay 1,7 won each, each household paid 5,6 won each. (Child) threatened to leave school until the time to get to and from school....]

Police tracked down the man who fled shortly after the crime and found the man dead on a mountain in Jecheon around 13:9 a.m., 30 hours after the incident.

Police will close the case with no right of appeal.

(Video Interview: Zhu Hong-jung CJB)