Global Village Launches 'Masterpieces #رحلات' Challenge

The Women-Led Happiness Festival kicked off at Global Village to coincide with the celebration of International Women's Day, where guests of the region's premier family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping will be on a daily date to watch the most spectacular roaming shows by ten of the world's most talented female artists until March 20, the date of the celebration of the International Day of Happiness.
As part of the Women-led Happiness Festival, Global Village announced the 'Masterpieces Trips' event, offering guests the opportunity to discover famous taxis from the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Lebanon, and participate in fun and entertaining challenges, at the end of which winners will enter a draw for a chance to win AED 27,30.
Award-winning artists such as The High Flying Arial Muse from Australia, The Queen of the Bicycle from Switzerland and The Sharp Shooting Sensation from Germany will perform spectacular performances to Global Village guests on the first day of the Happiness Festival, in addition to 20 daily performances, some of which are:
Amazing juggling artist Billy Kidd from the UK will perform up close handicraft that the eye will not believe, she has amazed her audience in all over the world. Around the world.
Spanish artist Kata Catarsis will perform panoramic performances that will cause order and chaos and cause tears and laughter at once in her one-woman circus.
Guests of Global Village will be treated to Argentine performer Espoma in Rome, who will amaze her followers with her superior ability to balance as she combs her hair, wears high-heeled shoes and applies makeup, all while walking on a thin tightrope, and Canadian performer Julia Perron will perform wonderful acrobatic shows and moves on the German wheel. Offers are available until March <>.