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This Friday, March 10, until 20:15, the EuroMillions FDJ puts into play a prize pool of 17 million euros. In addition, with My Million, FDJ guarantees a winner for this week's new draw.

Take part in the next draw

This is the opportunity to play EuroMillions. This Friday, March 10, 2023, La Française des Jeux allows you to win a jackpot of several million euros. To participate, the cost of a grid is 2.50 euros, whether at the FDJ point of sale, for the paper version, or online on the website.

To play FDJ games directly on your smartphones or tablets, you can use the application offered by La Française des Jeux, accessible on iOS and Android.

EUR 1 million. This is the sum that FDJ offers to a winner in addition to that of EuroMillions. Participating in EuroMillions has never been easier and more accessible, as you can do it online, via the website or via the FDJ app.

EuroMillions Draw: try your luck with My Million

In addition, in each European draw, a French participant can win 1 million euros, with My Million. A code is created randomly when you complete your grid: keep it preciously, because it can bring you a nice amount, failing to win the jackpot.

How do you collect your EuroMillions winnings?

If you have validated your grid at an FDJ point of sale and for any gain of less than 500,000 euros, you can recover it at your point of sale or in an FDJ payment center depending on the amount won.

Try your luck here

Gambling can be dangerous: loss of money, family conflicts, addiction... Find our advice on (09 74 75 13 13 - non-surcharged call).

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