In Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam, which is currently in the process of extinguishing forest fires, it has been upgraded to the level of forest fire warning serious.

Fortunately, yesterday (8th) there was a momentary gust of over 40 km/h here.

At the moment, the wind has calmed down a bit.

Hopefully the flames will be caught in the morning.

Since March, there have been more than 3 wildfires a day.

We must continue to be aware of the danger of fire.

If you look at the current satellite imagery.

Clouds are passing intermittently across the country.

In some areas, such as Sunchang, there may be light raindrops.

There will be more rain of less than 10mm in many places through the day today.

The amount of rain is small, so it will be difficult to soothe the dryness.

The skies will gradually clear.

In the central, Hunan, and Jeju regions, the average daily dust concentration will be poor today.

There will also be fog in some central areas until the morning, shortening visibility in some places.

You must drive safely on your way to work.

It's warmer today than it's this time of year.

Take a look at the current temperature.

The temperature in Seoul is 5.12 degrees, Cheongju is 8.10 degrees, Daejeon is 3.10 degrees, and Daegu is 5.9 degrees, making it a warmer start than yesterday.

During the day, the temperature in Seoul will be 1 degrees, Hongseong will be 15 degrees, and the temperature in Daegu will be 18 degrees in the south.

(Ahn Sujin Weathercaster)