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After seeing his face and reassuring him to believe him, the taxi driver released a video at the time, saying that there was a female passenger who disappeared without paying the taxi fare.

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Recently, an online community posted that a taxi passenger had fled without paying the fare.

Mr. A, who introduced himself as a Seoul taxi driver, picked up a drunk female passenger from a club at Sinsa Station to Yeoksam-dong after 2 a.m.

The fare was 9,<> won, but the passenger said that the bank transfer was not possible.

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The passenger, who said he would bring cash and asked him to "trust his face," waited for about 25 minutes but never returned.

Mr. A vented his anger, saying, "It's a very difficult situation, and it's ridiculous."

Free riders can be fined up to 10,10 won, but if they are found to be habitual or intentional, they can be imprisoned for up to 2 years or fined up to 100 million won for fraud.

The users responded, "If you see that you don't even carry a card, it's <>% planned", "If you don't have money, why should you walk away", and "Even if you get caught, you continue to do it because the punishment is a cotton bat".

(Image source: Online Community)