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A man in his 3s who stabbed three neighbours with a weapon and fled has been found dead.

The Jecheon Police Department in Chungbuk Province announced that Mr. A (50) was found dead at around 8:9 a.m. today (20th) in a mountain in Jecheon.

Mr. A got into an argument with the neighbours of the villa where he had lived the night before, brandished a weapon, and fled.

Three neighbours with serious injuries to the neck area and others have been taken to hospital for treatment.

It is known that Mr. A had been in conflict with his neighbor over non-payment of management fees, and it turned out that he was damaged during an argument over the same issue on this day.

The police began tracking Mr. A's whereabouts after he fled through CCTV footage, and after about 58 hours, they found Mr. A dead on a mountain in Jecheon.

The police believe that Mr. A made an extreme choice, and after investigating the exact circumstances, they plan to close the case as "no right of appeal."

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(Photo = Courtesy of Jecheon Police Station, Yonhap News)