"TikTok" allows the production of videos of up to 20 minutes

Chinese short-form video sharing app TikTok said it will allow some content creators to produce longer clips for a price, opening a new door for its users to make money.

Its new service, Series, will allow qualified content creators to place groups of up to 80 long-length videos, each up to 20 minutes, behind a "push wall." The longest time TikTok currently allows for videos is ten minutes.

Having revolutionized the social media industry, which is largely dominated by Facebook and Metaplatforms' Instagram with its short videos and cutting-edge recommendation engine, TikTok is now in competition with another giant. Google's YouTube.

TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, said its users are increasingly coming to its platform to produce content such as viewing spreadsheets, physical exercise and recipes, a space where YouTube remains the dominant destination.

It is not yet clear whether TikTok will be paid by content creators for it. The app already offers its users tips and gifts, as well as running a box to motivate them to increase their followers.

TikTok had one billion monthly active users in September 2021, and its user base has not been reported since. By comparison, Facebook had nearly three billion monthly active users in December 2022.