Did you miss the news of this early morning? We have put together a recap to help you see more clearly.

Transport, education... Expected disruptions

Bringing "the France to a standstill": this is the objective of the great day of mobilization against the pension reform. Truck drivers deployed filtering roadblocks as early as Monday morning, adding to the expected disruptions in transport. SNCF and RATP have warned that traffic will be severely affected. Only one train out of five will run for the TGV Inoui and Ouigo, ditto for the TER, and two trains out of three on average on the international connections Thalys and Eurostar.

In Paris, metro traffic will be restricted on most lines mainly during rush hour, except lines 1, 14 and 4. The RER will count between one train out of two and one train out of three on the RATP side, and between one in three and one in five on the SNCF side. Production declines continue in the electricity sector and 60% of striking teachers are expected in primary education.

Reusable periodic protection reimbursed

Guest of the show "C à vous" this Monday, Elisabeth Borne announced the refund, from next year, of reusable periodic protections for under 25s from 2024. The Prime Minister said that they will have to be bought in pharmacies "to be reimbursed by Social Security". No prescription will be required.

In December 2020, the government announced that it would increase the budget devoted to the fight against period poverty to €5 million.

Digital carbon footprint could triple by 2050

Don't Look Up. Greenhouse gas emissions due to the digital uses of the French could be multiplied by nearly three by 2050 if no action is taken by then. This is the conclusion of a joint study by Arcep and Ademe, the third part of which was submitted to the government on Monday.

In this scenario, the carbon footprint of digital (which weighed 2.5% of the national footprint in 2020) would jump by 187% in 2050. The consumption of metals and minerals would increase by 59%, and energy consumption by 79%. The expected growth in usage would also require the creation of new data centers that would account for 22% of emissions by that date.

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