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Islamic Arts Festival: "Manifestations" is the slogan of the 25th edition

  • Mohammed Al-Qaseer: "The festival continues its global brilliance by hosting artists from several countries, as it highlights the Arab-Islamic civilization in all its aesthetic aspects."

  • From the work of the festival in a past session. Archival


The Higher Committee of the Islamic Arts Festival, organized by the Department of Culture in Sharjah, revealed that the 25th edition, which starts next March, will come under the slogan "Manifestations".

The director of the cultural affairs department in the department, director of the festival, Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Qaseer, said that «the Islamic Arts Festival continues in its global brilliance by hosting artists from several countries, as it highlights the Arab-Islamic civilization in all its aesthetic aspects». He added during a meeting with members of the organizing committee, yesterday, that «the festival has established over 25 years a visual language that has established for these authentic arts its historical spirit, and formed in its successive sessions a global artistic identity that has reserved a place and place among other arts», noting that the festival seeks to continue its artistic giving in a new session with a renewed artistic spirit.

The festival director continued: "Just as the event highlights Islamic art, it is also based on supporting artists from all countries of the world within a vital cultural and artistic project, the Sharjah Civilization Project, and the festival's continuation promotes Sharjah's vision of giving Islamic arts new horizons."

On the slogan of this session, he explained that it will «present a striking artistic topic is (manifestations), which refers to everything that is apparent in all its forms and aesthetics, as every high work of art is the manifestation of many meanings and connotations», noting that the slogan gives artists artistic diversity and broad horizons that enable them to put forward new creations and intellectual jurisprudence based on the essence of Islamic art, which is generally the «manifestations» of the heart and soul, and perhaps the manifestation is the internal reflection of things, nature and humanity in their true image.

In the coming period, the SC will begin inviting artists from around the world, and participants will have to come up with new ideas in line with the theme of the course, 'Tajliyat', with works selected based on their suitability with the idea of the logo at a later date.

Launched in 1998 under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, the Islamic Arts Festival has since reproduced a new artistic vision for Islamic arts, preserving the aesthetics of its presence and historical significance.