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Ismail Al , Hammadi

08 March 2023

In celebration of International Women's Day, which falls on the eighth of March of each year, I cannot fail from this rostrum to pay tribute to every woman on the face of this earth, to the women of the UAE, citizens and residents, and to every woman I have dealt with through my profession. To all those women I say to them every year and you are fine.

In celebration of this day, I cannot fail to pay tribute to all those women who have entered the real estate sector and proved their presence in this sector in one way or another, in terms of investment, development, brokerage, marketing and administrative work.

Who said that the real estate sector is the monopoly of men only?! Women have more potential power to achieve success in the real estate world than men, and this fact is proven by reality and figures from official authorities.

Women in the UAE enjoy equal rights with men in various areas, including employment opportunities, and broad economic and social freedom, enabling them to invest in real estate in the same or more ways as men.

It is undeniable that women have played an important role in the real estate investment market in Dubai, and in raising the total value of real estate sales, whether as investors and purchasers of real estate, as employees of bodies and authorities concerned with the real estate sector, or as activists in the field of real estate brokerage and marketing, as official data in Dubai indicate that about 26,698 women investors entered the real estate sector last year, and the volume of their investments reached 33,419 investments, with a total value of more than AED 58.8 billion.

The same data indicated that the number of women investors in Dubai's real estate sector grew by 50.8% last year, compared to 2021, and the value of investments grew by 53%, and the number of investments grew by 50.7%. These percentages and figures reflect the suitability of the real estate investment environment for women, the flexibility of women in dealing with the real estate sector, and taking their share of the investment returns generated by the Dubai real estate market for investors.

On the other hand, these statistics reflect the extent to which women are aware and educated of the importance of real estate investment, and its role in achieving their stability and financial independence.

According to the same source, women constitute 34.8% of the total number of real estate brokers registered in Dubai, which highlights the role of women in the real estate brokerage market, and their contribution to activating the real estate market, and stimulating sales and rentals, in addition to that, women play a role behind real estate platforms and departments as employees concerned with managing the services and transactions of investors and various parties related to real estate.

Whether she is an investor, employee or broker, in one way or another women have proven their ability to deal with the real estate sector, and have proven with conclusive evidence that the real estate field in Dubai can accommodate everyone, and that success in the real estate market is not about a man or a woman, but about who has the ability to deal with it.

The opportunities are still great and available to every woman with an investment personality, and competence to work in the field of real estate. 2023 is a year of great opportunities for women to invest and brokerage in luxury real estate, commercial buildings, hotels, tourist resorts, hospitality properties and industry, to gain from the momentum currently in the real estate sector.

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