A 37-year-old man was stabbed twice Saturday while leaving a nightclub in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime). The victim was attacked by two other men aged 25 and 36 because of a dispute over a bottle of alcohol, reports Actu 76.

The 25-year-old suspect would have carried the two stab wounds, according to Tendance Ouest. Wounded in the hand and lower abdomen, the victim was found by the police at the scene of the brawl. She was then taken to hospital. His prognosis was not life-threatening when he was treated. She filed a complaint against her attackers.

The two suspects fled in a car just after the violent altercation. However, the canine brigade of Le Havre found them thanks to the images of the CCTV cameras and arrested them. One of them had a stab wound to his hand and was hospitalized. The two men were questioned by the police before being taken into custody. The investigation is ongoing.

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