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Senate approves Article 2 on senior index

The Senate dominated by the right approved on the night of Sunday to Monday the creation of a "senior index" in companies, on the place of the oldest, but only for those with more than 300 employees, during the examination of the pension reform project. Parliamentarians adopted Article 2 of the bill by 244 votes to 96, after more than seven hours of debate.

The government deferred to the "wisdom" of senators, who removed the obligation of this index for companies with more than 50 employees, a threshold that was added by the National Assembly last month. The index will be mandatory from November 2023 for companies with more than 1,000 employees, and for those with more than 300 employees from July 2024.

One TGV in five at SNCF, very disrupted traffic in the metro and RER

Traffic will be "strongly disrupted on all lines operated by SNCF Voyageurs", with one train in five on average for TGV Inoui and Ouigo as well as for TER, according to SNCF, whose unions have all called for a renewable strike movement. Thalys and Eurostar are also concerned. For its part, the RATP forecasts "very disrupted traffic on the RER and Metro networks" and "disrupted on the Bus and Tramway networks".

On the Paris metro side, most lines will see their circulation restricted mainly during rush hour, with the exception of lines 1, 14 and 4. The RER will count between one train out of two and one train out of three on the RATP side and between one in three and one in five on the SNCF side. Traffic will be almost completely stopped on the Intercités and many disruptions are to be expected on the Transiliens, with between one train out of three and one in ten depending on the lines.

Which restaurants will get new Michelin stars?

The Michelin guide could choose to promote chefs hitherto stuck at two macaroons. One name comes up here insistently, not only because it works in Alsace where the Michelin guide will hold its ceremony this year: that of Olivier Nasti. Other Michelin-starred candidates: David Tautain in Paris, Michaël Arnoult in Savoie, Christophe Aribert in Uriage-les-Bains in Isère and the villa René Lalique in Wingen-sur-Moder (Bas-Rhin) directed by the Austrian Paul Stradner.

In addition, Michelin has communicated on the downgrading of five restaurants, including two triple starred, that of the famous Guy Savoy in Paris and the Rochelais Christopher Coutanceau.

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