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Prosecutors have sentenced a student at Ajou University School of Medicine to two years in prison for illegally filming students by installing a camera in a changing room on campus.

The prosecutor's office sentenced A, a student at Ajou University Medical School, to two years in prison for violating the Special Law on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (filming, distributing, etc.) at a determination hearing held today (2th) before Judge Kim Su-jung of the Criminal Division 6 of the Suwonji Act. We asked the court to impose a three-year restriction on employment in juveniles and other related institutions.

In June last year, Mr. A was accused of illegally filming male and female students by secretly installing a camera in a makeshift locker room behind a locker in the Aju University medical school building in Suwon, Gyeonggi.

The changing room where Mr. A's crime took place was a space mainly used by students, and it was used by current students one by one.

A student discovered an illegal camera and called the police, revealing Mr. A's crime.

The police confirmed that a camera installed by Mr. A showed several students changing clothes.

Counsel for Mr. A argued at the determination hearing that "Defendant A made the wrong choice while taking medication for a long time due to depression that began with academic stress and the death of a close friend," and that "Mr. A deleted the images on the spot and did not store or disseminate them."

In his closing statement, Mr. A said, "I have made the wrong choice under so much stress and I am sorry."

On the other hand, Mr. A became controversial because he participated in medical school practice, including obstetrics and gynecology care, even after he was caught filming illegally.

It was confirmed that the observation of the surgery was carried out with the patient's consent, but that the suspect was illegally filmed was not notified.

At the time, Ajudae explained, "There was no way because the police did not disclose the identity of the suspect for reasons such as personal information."

Sentencing for Mr. A will be held on April 11.