A recent travel video posted by a famous travel YouTuber has been heavily criticized by some netizens.

Panibottle, a travel YouTuber with over 100 million subscribers, has released a video showing her traveling to Australia with three other YouTubers.

They found a store in Australia.

The store, which campaigns on breast cancer, says, "A woman should think and act like a man, East Sea look like a young woman. And you have to work like a man.'

One of the YouTubers who came across a phrase related to women's rights asked, "Isn't this too much?" I'm making a statement.

In the video, the part that means "what" was silenced, which caused controversy among some netizens.

This is because there was a suspicion that the silenced part was not "femi", which refers to feminists.

As the controversy raged, Panibottle took steps to evolve by posting an unedited video.

In the original video, it was revealed that the man said 'corset' and not 'Femi'.

"I don't care too much about these kinds of issues, but the person I went on a trip with was accused of misunderstanding because of me, so I'm posting an explanation," she said, explaining that the captioning was done for fun.

(Image source: YouTube Panibottle)