The lottery draw last Saturday showed 2 second-place winners, of which 665 were sold at a sales outlet, causing controversy.

Mistrust of manipulation is spreading to online lotteries.

<Oh! The third search term > clicked is "a mysterious ID that has won 103 times in 5 years."

Recently, an online community posted that the "jun** number" ID has won the e-lottery a total of 329 times since January 2018.

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Mr. A, who wrote the article, speculated that the ID in question is a combination of 'jun**+ number', and that the number at the end of the ID is used from 0 to 9.

The winnings are not large, ranging from 50,10 won to 2,3 won, but they raised suspicions in that they won the second and third place every week.

In response, the operator Donghai Kwon explained, "The list of high-value winners is abbreviated to 6 digits to protect the winners, and this has nothing to do with the actual ID length."

Electronic lottery tickets are a system that allows you to buy lottery tickets online without cash.

The purchase limit per person is limited to 1,5 won.

Users responded, "This is enough to win the lottery," "Shouldn't we do a full investigation?" and "If you live steadily, it doesn't seem like an impossible win."

(Image source: Online community, Dong Happiness Circle website)