In Section 3.1, a resident threw out a Japanese flag at an apartment in Sejong City, causing controversy. Words exchanged between the resident and the protesting neighbors were released on video that day.

Reporter Lee Taekwon reports.

An apartment in Sejong City with a Japanese flag in section

[(Question) Why did you walk the Japanese flag? (A) Does your eyes turn upside down when you look at the Japanese flag? (Yes?)]

When neighbors ask why again, the wrong answer comes back.

[(Question) Tell me why you put the Japanese flag in section 3.1. Is Yu Gwan-sun a real person? Is Yu Gwan-sun a real person?]

No matter how you try it, the door doesn't open, only the harsh words come back.

[Intruder, what's so loud? It's a spy. I'll report you.]

In fact, the resident has asked the police to investigate those who came to protest.

When the video was released today (5th), comments of incomprehensible behavior, criticism and condemnation of deportation to Japan followed.


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A man picks up a cell phone dropped by a drunk passenger in an electric car and puts it next to him, but when the subway door opens, he grabs it and flees.

Mr. A, a man in his 40s, has been stealing three smartphones using this method since the end of last year.

The police analyzed more than 70 CCTVs to confirm Mr. A's movements, and arrested Mr. A after an undercover investigation.

at around 12:15 p.m. today, a fire broke out in Yasan in Namcheon-myeon, Gyeongsan City, North Gyeongsang Province.

Fire authorities managed to contain the main fire within three hours, but three hectares of forest were burned.

Nine forest fires broke out nationwide today, including a fire in a mountain in Muan, South Jeolla Province, that burned 3 square meters of forest land.

The Forest Service has raised the National Crisis Alert Level for Wildfire Disasters from "Caution" to "Alert" and announced an intensive crackdown through the end of April.

(Video Interview: Kim Do-Yoon TBC, Video Editing: Yoon Tae-ho, Video Credit: The Sejong Focus, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Subway Police Force, Forest Service)