In the wake of a series of wildfires due to recent dry weather, the Forest Service has raised the National Crisis Alert Level for Wildfire Disasters from "Caution" to "Alert."

According to the Forest Service, there have been 184 wildfires this year, including 85 in the past week, with more than 10 wildfires a day.

As a result, the Forest Service has designated 6 to April 4 as the Special Measures Period for Forest Fires to prevent wildfires.

The Forest Service and local governments across the country are transitioning to a 30-hour emergency work system, and their officials and employees have designated individual areas of responsibility to focus on on-site monitoring and enforcement.

As the National Crisis Alert Level for Wildfire Disasters has been raised from Caution to Alert, the public will be sent disaster texts from time to time about wildfire risk situations.

We plan to prevent forest fire risk factors in advance through intensive national inspections of important national facilities such as electric power, gas, and cultural assets.

The Forest Service will also organize a task force (24,1 employees) for all employees to carry out special crackdowns, and relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will also conduct joint inspections and crackdowns on the factors vulnerable to forest fires under their jurisdiction during this period.

"Recently, forest fires have mainly occurred in areas adjacent to forests," said Nam Sung Hyun, head of the Forest Service, adding, "Incineration within 2 meters of forests is illegal, so please prohibit it."