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An elderly man in his 80's tried to self-immolate after suffering from living hardship for one year.

This old man died during treatment, and I have seen many articles saying that the government did not know about his life.

Mr. Kim Mo, who is in his 1s, self-immolated in an officetel in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the early morning of the 80th of last month, suffered 28~2 degree burns on his whole body, and died on the 3nd after receiving inpatient treatment.

Kim, who had no income, has been struggling since her live-in partner for 2 years died in April last year.

He was in arrears of officetel management fees for eight months from July last year, and just before he died, the heating was not even done properly.

However, the welfare network of the government and local governments did not capture Mr. Kim's plight.

Officetels are not included in condominiums such as apartments and villas, so crisis information was not communicated.

Didn't Mr. Kim send a rescue signal, not necessarily?

In September last year, he received counseling on applying for basic living benefits through the community center, but after receiving guidance on the documents required to apply for benefits, he did not visit the community center again.

(Image source: Courtesy of Yonhap News, Mapo Fire Department)