Drunk driving accidents that occur in tourist destinations continue every year. To prevent this, we tried installing a device in the rental car that only starts after passing a breathalyzer test.

How is the effect, reporter Park Ye-rin reports.

In the
early morning hours, a car sped down the road and soon hit a rock and overturned.

Three of the seven people in the car were killed and four were seriously injured.

The police investigation revealed that the driver had been drinking and driving the rental car.

Although the Yun Chang-ho Act was introduced, which tightened the penalties for drunk driving, there are about 1,7 drunk driving accidents in rental cars every year.

A pilot project is underway to equip rental cars with anti-drunk driving devices to prevent accidents.

Breathe a portable breathalyzer and the results taken in the app should be fine before you can drive.

After drinking alcohol, I blew on the breathalyzer.

His blood alcohol content was 3.4%, and when the license revocation figure came out, he was informed that it was "abnormal" and did not start.

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Since someone else can take the measurement for you, each blow on the meter will take a picture and save it with the results.

As a result of the Korea Transportation Safety Agency's installation and operation of 3 rental cars in Jeju Island and Yeosu for three months, 40 breathalyzer tests were detected in which a blood alcohol content of 8.0% or more, equivalent to a suspended license, was detected, and the start was restricted 03 times.

That's 86 in 100 people who have attempted to drink and drive.

Startup was most restricted between 1 and 0 a.m. at the end of the drinking session.

[Park Suyu/Drunk Driving Prevention Device Manufacturer: When all the rental cars are installed, 2% of the people in Jeju Island alone do not have drinking accidents. I think the physical, property, physical, and mental effects are quite expected.]

It is pointed out that as it has been proven to be effective in practice, it is necessary to expand the installation area of the device.

(Video Interview: Park Hyun-chul, Video Editing: Hwang Ji-young)