For Noel Gallagher, today's pop stars are no longer "cool". And Sam Smith is the paradigmatic example. "Pop music is doing well if pop stars are cool. Unfortunately, today's stars are damn idiots, "said the ex-guitarist of Oasis at the microphone of Kink Radio, before pointing the finger at the interpreter of Unholy: "Look at it! "

A barely disguised way, for Noel Gallagher, to denigrate the non-binary identity of Sam Smith who has been asking since September 2019 to be designated via the neutral English pronoun they/them that is most often rendered in French by ellui.

Sam Smith, non-binary fisherman

A statement that probably echoes Sam Smith's recent appearance on The One Show, a British show in which the singer addressed his passion for fishing. "I love fishing," Sam Smith said. I would like to become a punhappy. »

"A sinner with a fly?" said presenter Alex Jones. "I could be any kind of," Sam Smith corrected. "I'd just like to end my days fishing." But there is worse, no doubt, for the native of Burnage in the suburbs of Manchester ... Sam Smith proposed to rename Oasis' hometown "Themchester"...

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