Municipality of Galliera, Bologna

Drunk driving slams and loses a wheel, then stops and falls: the educational video of the police

"We are usually reluctant to publish images. This is an exception", writes the Local Police Reno Galliera. At the breathalyzer test, the protagonist of the story had a concentration of alcohol in the blood almost 4 times higher than the limits


Local Police Reno Galliera

"We think that the images you see in the video, precisely in their relevant gravity, are particularly educational to show everyone how dangerous it can be to drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol", writes the Local Police Reno Galliera. The video surveillance footage of the municipality of Galliera shows a drunk man driving as he slams on the pavement, loses a wheel and continues the march invading the opposite lane before returning to the scene of the accident for a check of the car. Once he gets off, he falls. The sequence was made public in order to "educate" about the risks of drunk driving. "We managed to stop the driver. After colliding with the pavement, the man continued to circulate without a tire, zigzagging along the roadway. The breathalyzer test to which he was subjected found a concentration of alcohol in the blood almost four times higher than the permitted limits (1.91 grams per liter). The driver was reported for driving under the influence of alcohol and his license was withdrawn", continues the police story that concludes: "If you drink you do not drive".