Design the most famous buildings in the world... Death of architect Rafael Venioli

New York-based Uruguayan architect Rafael Venioli, who designed famous modern skyscrapers, most notably London's Walkie-Talkie, has passed away at the age of 78, his family announced on Friday.

His son Roman wrote on the website of the company founded by Vegnoli, which is based in New York: "On behalf of my family, colleagues and a large number of our partners in the world, I announce with great sadness the passing of my father (...) Surprisingly, Thursday, the second of March, at the age of 78."

The renowned architect, some of whose work has been controversial, has designed more than 600 buildings around the world, including hotels, halls, stadiums and airports.
Venioli was born in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, in 1944.

English football club Manchester City, whose academy was designed by Venoli, City Football Academy, praised the architect in a tweet.
But some of Vegnoli's projects have been controversial, such as a 426-meter, 85-storey luxury apartment building in Manhattan, whose residents are being prosecuted for noise and vibration inside the apartments.
In London, the media reported on the 2013 Walkie-Talkie skyscraper because the reflection of sunlight on its glass façade damaged a Jaguar parked below.
"Rafael Venioli left a rich legacy of distinctive designs embodied in buildings among the world's most famous," his son said, referring to the Tokyo International Forum Center and the Cleveland Museum of Art.