There would be a question of unpaid bills at the origin of the dispute that last night culminated in murder at the Montericco farmhouse, in the countryside of Mortara, in the province of Pavia, in Lomellina. A son of the owner of the farm, 46 years old, prejudiced, was stopped on the disposition of the prosecutor on duty, Poalo Mazza. The victim was called Christian Ikowge, 25 years old, Nigerian, worker, uncensored. Struck by three stab wounds to the chest around 21.30 pm, he died last night in hospital. He lived with his brother in the farmhouse, in an accommodation to which the light had been disconnected, apparently for reasons of arrears.

The 25-year-old died at the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia where he had been rushed to hospital after being stabbed.

He had gone to the owners of the house, who live near him, to ask why the light in the rented apartment he shared with his brother was still disconnected. The debate has degenerated. The fact is being investigated by the carabinieri of Vigevano coordinated by the Pavia prosecutor's office.

The victim was regularly in Italy, working as a laborer and sharing the small apartment with his brother, who was at home on Thursday evening. Investigations are underway to verify the rental condition of the two brothers and the issue of bills. And the witnesses who live in the farmhouse are being heard. It is the second stab murder in less than four months in Mortara, a town of 15,22 inhabitants. On November 31, the victim, Anis Ansawi, <>, a Tunisian, died after hospitalization in Pavia. A few days later the carabinieri had arrested three Moroccans. The murder had matured for drug issues.