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By falling by 20 € for a limited time, the machine is temporarily among the best options at a low price.

An additional discount for this Surpass scooter thanks to Cdiscount's new good deal

Instead of a normal price of €219.99, the Black Edition of the Surpass Pro 2 is currently at €199.99. If the discount makes this scooter even more affordable, it always comes with payment facilities. You can actually pay it in 4 times, and even in 20 times if you are part of the Cdiscount members at will.

The merchant site offers you the delivery and recovery of one of your old products. Not sure of your choice? With the €9.99 money-back guarantee, you can try it for a long time and change it if your order does not suit you. That said, some technical information about the Surpass Pro 2 will be useful to save you time.

Take advantage of the Cdiscount offer

Make your daily commute effortlessly with Surpass Pro 2

This Surpass Pro 2 will be ideal for people making short daily trips. For this, it has a range of up to 25 kilometers thanks to a battery of 6 Ah. This endurance will be more than enough for short walks or for your daily trips to work.

The machine also uses 8" tires, dimensions designed to promote maneuverability. This feature is useful when traveling around the city. These tires are puncture-proof, sparing you any inconvenience during your excursion.

Its compact and foldable size will also allow you to take it on public transport, improving your travel possibilities. With a triple braking system (bicycle-type lever, engine brake and disc brake), the Surpass Pro 2 is able to stop quickly, helping you cope with any urban situation.

One last advantage: the handlebars of this electric scooter are adjustable in height. It will adapt to people of different sizes and ages. This will be essential if you intend to lend the machine to your child.

Order the Surpass Pro 2 scooter

If you missed this discount, it doesn't matter. Cdiscount offers new ones every day, including on other brands of electric scooters. Choose a model at your convenience and abandon your car for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

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